Humanitarian Efforts in Oaxaca, Mexico Inspire New Taycor Financial: Project Community Program

Taycor Financial Project Community in Oaxaca Mexico

Having specialized in medical and dental equipment leasing, Taycor Financial has created many lifelong business relationships. Recently, the company was given the opportunity to partner with those same professionals in a rather heartwarming way.

LOS ANGELES, CA (NOV. 8, 2013) – Taycor Financial sponsored a humanitarian relief trip to Oaxaca, Mexico in late October to provide health services to those in need while training and mentoring local medical and dental students.

Taycor Financial Equipment LeasingTogether with dentists, doctors, and other medical professionals, the group ventured on a three-day endeavor that inspired a new program for the equipment leasing and financing company, called Taycor Financial: Project Community.

“We were approached by a group of professionals that we had previously provided medical equipment leasing for,” said Michael Hong, Director of Business Development at Taycor Financial. “They were going on a humanitarian relief effort to bring medical and dental care to a remote village in Mexico. From this partnership, the Taycor Financial: Project Community Program was born.”

Treatment teams consisted of three dentists, three doctors, and about 10 other support members. Each day had the same schedule. After a 6:00 a.m. wake-up call, the visiting professionals were greeted with breakfast cooked by volunteers. They spent the day treating patients with an hour-long lunch and resting period in between, followed by dinner at the end of the day. At sun down, it was time to close shop until the next morning.

Taycor Financial Equipment FinancingThe destination was approximately four hours up and down mountain ranges and along dirt roads from the Oaxaca airport. The visiting travelers stayed in an empty cement building and slept on straw mats, the most generous accommodations town officials could offer.

It was a struggle to transport the amount of people, equipment, and supplies that were needed for this three-day clinic. The students did not know each other prior but quickly became acquainted and worked well together to help this process along.

“Traveling to Mexico to treat patients isn’t something you’d expect when working in the medical and dental equipment financing side of things,” Hong said. “It felt great to bring a group of people together from different walks of life for the benefit of the village in Oaxaca. With Taycor Financial: Project Community, we hope to continue making a positive impact on those who do not have the luxuries that we are fortunate to have.”

In the process of providing health care services to the villagers, local students were given the opportunity to be mentored by doctors and dentists so that they, too, can continue to help contribute their medical and dental services.

If you would like to join Project Community, please contact Your partnership with Taycor Financial could make an incredible difference in the lives of others.

Taycor Financial Building CommunityAbout Taycor Financial

Founded in 1997 with offices in Los Angeles, Calif. and Boston, Mass., Taycor Financial has joined the ranks of America’s top businesses, establishing itself as one of the premier equipment financing companies in the United States. Taycor is also one of the most rapidly growing; having made the “Inc. 500” list of America’s fastest growing private companies. For more information on equipment leasing or financing, to get an instant quote or explore career opportunities, visit or call (310) 568-9900.

Interview Highlight: Yael Serena, International Internship Program

Taycor Financial is a leading service provider in the equipment financing and leasing industry. In order to provide customers with the best programs, rates, and overall experience satisfaction, Taycor Financial understands the importance of having a strong and supportive team of leasing professionals that work together to fulfill these goals. Whether hiring a new Senior Account Executive or a Summer College Intern, Taycor Financial ensures that every employee is a perfect fit.

Taycor Financial recently hired a handful of interns for its new International Internship Program. Yael Serena is one of the new international interns and this was her interview.


Describe yourself in a few words.

My name is Yael, I am 23 years old, and I am from Barcelona, Spain. After finishing my studies I was determined to gain international work experience in one of the most developed countries in the world so I came to Los Angeles.  Currently I am taking part in a one-year international business internship program with Taycor Financial.

Why did you decide to come to United States instead of other countries?

I came to the United States two years ago as an exchange student and I fell in love with the American lifestyle and its people. I have always admired the American mindset that anything is possible if you work hard for it. Furthermore, I wanted to get hands-on experience of American business practices.

How was the transition from college to work life?

When I graduated from college it was difficult for me to decide which field I wanted to set my focus on. I envisioned my career in management but I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a marketing or finance oriented career. During the transition period I had some time to mull over all of my options and eventually decided to focus on marketing since it is more consumer-orientated.

What do you like to do in your free time in Los Angeles?

I have always loved photography but I never really got seriously into it. I recently got my first DSLR camera and I am now taking the time to learn digital photography on my own. It is not an easy task since my camera has a multitude of different settings that I need to understand in order to shoot in manual mode. In the meantime, I also try to sharpen my skills in post-processing using Photoshop – one of the most prestigious photo editing pieces of software on the market.

In addition to photography, I also like to search for delicious recipes and try to cook them in my own way. I am getting very good at cooking Spanish recipes now that my mom does not cook for me anymore. Every time I try a new recipe I take a picture with my camera and send it to my family to make them jealous!

Where was the most beautiful place in Los Angeles that you took a picture?

It might sound a little cliché, but I honestly think that the best place to take a picture here is at the beach. I am lucky to live so close to the ocean so I frequently grab my camera and practice my photography skills there.  One of the best shots I have taken so far has been the California sunset with a silhouette of a lifeguard standing in the background. I think it makes me so proud because it was the first time I used manual camera controls instead of the automatic mode.

What are some of the typical American things that you have experienced so far?

During my first weekend in the United States I took a 28-hour nationwide road trip from Minnesota to Los Angeles. This gave me the chance to drive through many cities and see the diversity of each state. I also got to attend a Dodgers game and enjoy one of the most popular nationwide sports! Even though I was not able to completely understand the rules of baseball, I had a lot of fun experiencing a part of the American culture.


What is your educational background?

I graduated from ESADE Business School in Barcelona with a Masters in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance. In addition, I studied International Marketing at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2011.

Why did you decide to do an internship at Taycor Financial?

The job opportunities for recent graduates in Spain were not very encouraging and it was hard to find a job that fit my interests. Doing an internship with an American company will provide me with a solid base to further develop my professional career for the future and gain international work experience. Taycor Financial was the best fit for me since I am interested in both Marketing and Finance. During my studies I took some leasing and finance courses, and this internship provided me with the opportunity to see how an equipment leasing company operates.

How did your previous internships prepare you to work at Taycor Financial?

My previous work experience at PepsiCo taught me the importance of teamwork as a way to accomplish a company’s goals. Furthermore, I learned how to manage many different projects at once and prioritize them by importance. Even though I did not work in an equipment leasing company prior to coming here, I believe the skills acquired by my previous internship plus my personal desire for growth will be a valuable contribution for Taycor.

How was the process of getting an internship in the United States?

It was not so easy to secure a job opportunity with a nationwide company in Los Angeles because there were strict regulations that I needed to abide by in order to get through. The process started with a placement agency that put me in contact with potential host companies which offered marketing positions. After accepting the internship with Taycor, I contacted a sponsor to start all the paperwork required to apply for the J-1 Visa at the Embassy. The final step was going through the U.S. Customs & Border Protection at the airport and an interview with an officer.

What is it special about the business culture at Taycor Financial?

The culture at Taycor is not what you would expect from a traditional equipment leasing company. People come to the office in informal casual clothes and the work atmosphere is more like what you would find in a start-up company. Everybody is very welcoming and supportive, and the company also organizes events to promote good working relationships such as pizza parties and rock climbing.

The big players in the equipment leasing industry usually have inflexible business models and a rigid way to operate; however, Taycor is always looking for new innovative ways to conduct business.


What do you expect at the end of this internship?

My goal is to create a solid platform for my future career and personal development. I believe this experience will allow me to stand out of the crowd once I return to Europe to find a permanent job. I am looking to gain a deeper understanding of the equipment leasing industry and improve my current knowledge on marketing techniques.

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I see myself working as a marketing associate with a nationwide firm that provides me with opportunities to work on advertising campaigns and international branding. Moreover, I would like to study an MBA in International Marketing to develop the critical knowledge and competencies in the analysis and solution of problems encountered in international marketing.

Would you like to settle down in the United States after the internship?

This country has some of the largest marketing companies in the world so it would be a great opportunity for me to start my career here. However, in the long-term perspective I would prefer to return to Europe to accomplish my professional goals.

Would you be interested in creating your own photography business someday?

I am just an amateur photographer trying to learn as much as I can about digital photography. I devote my free time to it because I feel peaceful when I am behind the camera capturing beauty and in addition, it allows me to be creative. At this moment I just see photography as a hobby of mine and I do not plan on making a living from it. However, who knows what the future holds for me.



Taycor Financial Takes On Tax Time

Taycor Financial Equipment Leasing Tax AdvantagesIt’s that time of year again where the rain starts to fade, flowers begin to bloom, and taxes are due. As an equipment leasing company, Taycor Financial works with businesses and prospective customers who have tons of questions every day regarding their tax returns and how it affects their transaction. With the tax deadline coming up on Monday, Taycor took the time to consider some of the most frequently asked questions regarding taxes and provide answers to help ease taxpayers’ minds.

“I need more time! Can I get an extension?”

Yes, you can file for an extension. All you need is to fill out the IRS form 4868 and you can do it online. Doing this gives you until October 15th to file your taxes, however this is only an extension to send in your paperwork. If you think that you might owe money then you’ll need to approximate the amount and send it in by April 15th. At least 90% of your estimated tax liability has to be paid by that time and overestimating is always better than underestimating. If the IRS does not get paid what you owe them by April 15th then you will receive a .05% per month late-payment penalty on your outstanding tax bill. If you are getting a refund however, you do not need to worry. Also, if you do not file your paperwork by October 15th then you will receive a failure-to-pay penalty which is 5% per month of any taxes you owe.

“What do I do if I don’t have enough money to pay everything right now?”

One thing you should never do if finances are too tight is wait and do nothing. It is much better to reach out to the IRS and communicate your financial struggles rather than waiting for them to contact you for a default payment.

One option is a short term extension. You get 120 days and you’ll have to pay the late payment penalty plus interest. However if you need more time you can start an installment plan. If you owe less than $50,000 then you can do this online and you pay the same interest and penalty rates as people who get a short-term extension. There’s a one-time fee of $105 to set up the installment and a $52 fee if you choose to setup automatic debit from your account each month.

Another option is to pay with a credit card, however the interest on your credit card is significantly higher than what the IRS charges under a payment plan. There is also a fee charged by the companies the IRS uses to process credit card payments.

If none of these options work for you and you’re really struggling financially, then call the IRS and explain your situation. They are willing to work with you as long as you communicate with them.

“I’m a bit disorganized and didn’t keep track of my deductible purchases last year. What should I do?”

The IRS has tools to help give you an estimate, however you might be better off trying to reconstruct the spending that would qualify for tax breaks especially if you made big-ticket purchases. Rummage through files and track down any receipts, credit card statements, and bank statements you can find.

“It’s been at least a couple years since I last filed taxes. Is it impossible to catch up?”

If you didn’t file taxes are due a refund, you have a three-year statute of limitations to claim it. However, if you haven’t done taxes and owe money, it’s a bit different. The IRS can go back three years, but they can look back at what you made and what you should have been paying for six years if you underreported your income by 25% or more.

First, start with this year’s taxes and pay anything you owe. Then you can go back however many years and start with the first year you didn’t pay and work forward. If it’s been more than a couple years and you’re having trouble organizing everything, you might want to seek help from a tax professional to help you sort through your records.

“What should I do if I’m missing important documents required for filing taxes?”

First, try contacting the organization that issued you the form. Many forms can also be found online. If you are unable to get the document you need then the IRS form 4852 allows you to fill out to the best of your knowledge what’s on the missing document. If you cannot recall the information, then pay what you know you owe and file for an extension until you can get another copy of the missing document.

“Is it too late to include something I forgot if I already filed?”

You have up to three years to amend your tax return. The form you use is the 1040X. Amended returns take longer to process because the IRS looks at them more closely so expect to wait at least 6 weeks.

About Taycor Financial

Taycor Financial, a nationwide equipment leasing and financing company headquartered in Los Angeles, has built a reputation of innovation by proactively seeking out new approaches in value added partnership with equipment vendors in the medical, printing, packaging, industrial and manufacturing industries. The customer finance center was developed through the partnership with and its member network.

A Little Bit of Effort Saves a Lot of Work: Business Financing Today

A behind the curtains look into the new landscape of business lending from a nationwide leader in financing

A behind the curtains look into the new landscape of business lending from a nationwide leader in financing.

As the signs of widespread economic recovery start to appear, the once hunkered down and hibernating small and medium-sized businesses are awakening to a very different landscape of business lending. It has always been an axiom of truth that businesses need capital support to grow and thrive. Over the last few years however, the downturn in the economy has changed the business finance industry as much, if not more than any other.

In the old days business owners walked confidently into their community bank, and walked out with easy access to capital. The scenario now plays out much differently. Community banks, once open armed welcomers, are quickly disappearing. They are being swallowed whole by larger institutions, or are themselves running into financial difficulties resulting in insolvency. The petition process of securing a business loan from one of the few remaining mega banks is now often arduous, complicated, or simply unavailable.

With the needs of capital support growing, and the availability of bank financing diminishing, there are those innovators that are stepping up and in to fill the role left behind. As a pioneer and leader of the new generation of business equipment leasing and financing companies, Taycor Financial Headquartered in Los Angeles CA, has provided a roadmap to help the business community navigate the new path from identifying equipment for purchase to financing.

Intelligent Shopping

Throughout the process of securing capital for equipment purchase, working capital injection, or general business growth, you’ll find that a little bit of effort saves a lot of work. Once you have found the approximate purchase price for the machinery that you need, or estimated the requested loan amount, the same careful attention should be made in choosing a financing or leasing partner.

Reputation: Chances are that your search for a finance company will include a foray into the World Wide Web. Take the additional step of researching the resulting companies, but moderate what you see. The internet has become the new soap box. Though the web contains a wealth of information, customer surveys have found that an unsatisfied customer is more than 9 times as likely to leave a negative review as a satisfied customer is inclined to leave a positive one. Also, buyers beware that the absence of reviews or information may not be a positive factor. Companies with little to no online presence might mean that the potential partner is new, or does not do enough business to have a customer reputation.

Flexibility & Scalability: Not all leasing and financing companies are alike; just as the needs of individual businesses are not generic. Often depending on the collateral and loan amount, there are options for payment deferrals or holidays that can help in the transition period commonly associated with new purchases or debt obligations. Ask potential financing partners about prepayment penalties, conditions for early buyout, and available options for flexible payment plans.

Return on Investment: Gone are the days of luxury and esoteric purchases. The common trends in equipment portfolio growth over the last few years have primarily been in purchases that generate revenue or gain efficiencies. Business loan and working capital divisions have reported that injections of capital are being spent on gaining market share and growth of business infrastructure. As an intelligent shopper you must determine if the acquisition of equipment or proposed spending of the business loan generates income or gains productivity? If the answer is ‘yes,’ evaluate and complete market research to estimate the dollar value gain to your business per month. This should become your Go/No Go assessment when finalizing your lease or loan.

Application Submission

Modern credit evaluations throughout the industry have evolved into automated, and little understood computer scoring models. Risk is now often assessed not only by your individual company’s history, but by the portfolio performance of your entire industry. The recent economic undoing has left entire industry verticals on the excluded list. If your potential financing partner only uses a computerized scoring model, you may be fighting an uphill battle with a guide that knows little about their actual approval criteria. For those finance companies that still maintain an experienced group of risk management credit staff, these are some of the criteria they use to decision submitted applications.

Personal Credit: A business with fewer than five owners is usually considered closely held. This designation means that regardless if you are applying for a lease or loan that requires no personal guarantees, the personal credit of the ownership (usually for those owning 20% or more) will be reviewed. The reason for inspection is simply that for closely held business denominations the fiscal health of the owners, their ability to maintain good financial health, and their personal payment habits generally impact business practice. Consider doing a self review prior to submission by contacting the three primary credit reporting agencies:


Business Credit: There are currently several business credit reports available on the market. The most commonly used compiler, Dun & Bradstreet, aggregates information and assigns a Paydex score. Manual review of a Dun & Bradstreet or comparable report considers two criteria. Primary credit review focuses on the business history in paying established trade lines. Weight is based on high credit, and whether payments were made on time, late, or early. Consideration is then made on the number of trade lines reporting. If a business credit report scores well, but there are only one or two creditors reporting pay history of a very small amount the score tends to carry little weight in positive credit decisions.

Bank & Borrowing Reference: To bypass a full financial disclosure package, many equipment lease companies allow bank and borrowing references to be submitted in lieu of tax returns and financial statements. The bank reference gives a monthly snapshot of cash flow in and out of the business. A history of well maintained bank balance shows finance companies the applicant’s ability to take on additional debt. Comparable borrowing references are one of the most important factors when considering loans and leases over $50,000. The payment history reflected by a lease or loan reference similar in nature to the current request will give the creditor a true view of what they may expect when extending the same type of credit once more.

Successful Approval

The digitalization and upgrade of technology infrastructure in today’s modern business finance companies allow for near instant reference and report requests. If prior to application submission potential hurdles and challenges were addressed, the approval process should be measured in business hours and days not days and weeks.

Read: Once an approval has been extended, lease or loan documents will shortly follow. Read and confirm that the terms and conditions are as previously discussed and agreed.

Ask Questions: If there is a discrepancy of literature that you are unsure or uncomfortable with, ask questions. Relationship oriented finance partners will be more than happy to explain confusing legal language as well as be your advocate each and every step of the way.

Sign & Secure: Once you are comfortable with the documents, sign and execute. Then, it is very important that you secure multiple copies of your documents. Often in the event of an equipment lease, the purchase option addendum is what guarantees a fixed buyout at the end of the term.

About Taycor Financial

Founded in 1997, with offices in Los Angeles CA and Boston MA, Taycor Financial has joined the ranks of America’s top businesses, establishing itself as one of the premier equipment financing companies in the U.S. Taycor is also one of the most rapidly growing; having made the “Inc. 500” list of America’s fastest growing private companies. For more information on equipment leasing or financing, to get an Instant Quote, or explore career opportunities visit or call (310) 568-9900.

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Equipment Leasing For Business – A Viable Option You Should Consider

Equipment Leasing For Business – A Viable Option You Should Consider

Businesses around the country are searching for creative and viable ways to keep their businesses afloat during troubling economic times. Costs saving measures are implemented as organizations come up with strategies to save money. One option considered by many is equipment leasing for business.


Keep Your Office Up To Date with Computer Equipment Leasing

Keep Your Office Up To Date with Computer Equipment Leasing

If you are thinking of expanding your current office, opening a new one or upgrading your facilities, then you know that one of your biggest expenses will be buying computer equipment.  Software, hardware, peripherals, monitors, laptops, and printers can easily cost you thousands of dollars.  Unfortunately, computers and equipment quickly depreciate in value, which may cause you to consider purchasing second hand equipment that can be fraught with problems and could end up costing you more in repair costs than if you had just purchased the computer equipment new.


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Construction Review: Equipment Leasing Keeps More Cash Available

Would you like to keep more cash in your business? Construction equipment leasing is an excellent way to grow your business while still keeping cash available for other business expenses. When you are evaluating your construction equipment financing choices, leasing may win out because you can take advantage of:


Choosing the Right Office Equipment Can Expand your Market

Choosing the Right Office Equipment Can Expand your Market

With today’s growing demand for a high-end work environment that meets both the budget and needs of the company, it is vital to finance the best technology and furniture to make your office a success and increase your access to your niche market. Taycor Financial offers a variety of office equipment leasing options to companies and organizations of all sizes. Our office equipment lease solutions are tailored with flexible structure and payment terms to match the budgetary needs and overall goals of your organization.


Top Three Factors to Consider When Choosing an Equipment Financing Company

Top Three Factors to Consider When Choosing an Equipment Financing Company

Equipment financing is an ideal way for companies to grow and expand without having to outlay large amounts of capital to do so. However, it is critically important that any organization utilizing an equipment financing company ensure that the financing company will meet their specific requirements. Below are the top three factors to consider when choosing your equipment financing partner.