Choosing the Right Office Equipment Can Expand your Market

Choosing the Right Office Equipment Can Expand your Market

With today’s growing demand for a high-end work environment that meets both the budget and needs of the company, it is vital to finance the best technology and furniture to make your office a success and increase your access to your niche market. Taycor Financial offers a variety of office equipment leasing options to companies and organizations of all sizes. Our office equipment lease solutions are tailored with flexible structure and payment terms to match the budgetary needs and overall goals of your organization.

Like most businesses, you need to strike a compromise between what office furniture and equipment will look good, what will be comfortable for the employees to use and what makes sound financial sense. Here is a list of modern office equipment leasing options to consider and the benefits of financing those choices:

  • Computer Equipment – Choosing the right computer equipment for your office can be challenging as you evaluate the many options available. However, before going the cheap route, it is vital to determine your company’s goals with your new computers. For example, a company specializing in graphic design and video production shouldn’t settle for just any old system. Rather, they should acquire the new MAC G5 computers because they offer high-end technology that reduces video editing time, allows easy internal networking to speed post-production and enables the team to meet the client’s demands efficiently. Although computers and their accessories are very expensive, Taycor can help with fixed lease payments that will help your company increase the return on the investment three fold down the line.
  • Office Furniture – A company that is expanding needs to portray the proper image to investors, clients and potential employees. Walk around your office space and determine what office equipment you need for your meeting rooms, workstations, and reception area. Think about the chairs, tables, desks, credenzas, and filing systems that will make your office both efficient and effective. It’s important to opt for quality, style and durability. If you’re concerned about cost, leasing is a viable alternative because it allows you to maximize your purchasing power from your available budget.
  • Digital Copiers/Fax Machines/Scanners – Any successful business needs top of the line photocopiers, fax machines and scanners to meet their everyday business needs. If your equipment seems to be broken down more than it is working, it may be time to consider upgrading to the technologically advanced options available. Consider speed, print quality, cost per copy, and multifunction capabilities. With considerable outright costs associated with these types of equipment, leasing again makes sound business sense. Leasing allows you to leave capital free to use in other areas of your business.
  • Phone and Conference Systems – If you are expanding your office to meet a growing client base, you’ll need top of the line conference devices and phone systems to communicate with your out of town employees, international clients and investors. When evaluating your alternatives, ask yourself if the system includes all the features, functions and capacity that your business needs. Be sure to consider office equipment financing for your phone system because it allows you to reduce your overall costs. For example, fixed payments from leasing allow for easier budgeting and help you to maintain control of your cash flow.

These examples provide just a small sampling of the type of office equipment leasing that Taycor can provide.

Taycor Financial invites you to learn more about the benefits of working with an office equipment leasing partner that knows your industry. To learn more about our office equipment leasing options, contact us via e-mail or call (800) 322-9738 .