How Does Financing a New or Used Dump Truck Deliver Productivity Advantages?

How Does Financing a New or Used Dump Truck Deliver Productivity Advantages

Are you ready to improve your business productivity and bottom line by financing a new or used construction equipment? If so, consider these three business reasons to finance a new or used dump truck :

  • You will experience productivity and uptime enhancements due to updates to the transmission, operator station improvements, electrical enhancements and a new engine.
  • With superior fuel economy due to improved payload to weight ratios, you won’t be as affected by rising fuel costs. Better fuel economy improves your bottom line.
  • Your staff will enjoy improved reliability and operator comfort levels. Newer dump trucks offer design improvements like superior shift quality and clutch control.

With improved fuel economy, better operator comfort levels and superior reliability, it makes sense to upgrade your aging dump truck to a newer model. However, your next step prior to searching for that ideal model is to secure your new or used dump truck financing.

It all boils down to dump truck financing being just like financing anything else. In order to find the right financing program, you need to find a lender that offers a program that meets your needs. Not only that, but you want a financier with experience in business equipment and vehicle leases or loans.

Most organizations looking to finance a new or used dump truck choose leasing as the most attractive financing alternative. If you want lower payments, tax deductions, and advanced approval, then there is no doubt that you too will choose a lease as your choice to finance your upcoming new or used dump truck. If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at these benefits:

  • Minimizes initial cash investment
  • Frees up working capital
  • Preserves borrowing capacity
  • Improves cash flow

Now that you understand the considerable benefits of financing your new or used dump truck with a lease, the friendly experts at Taycor Financial can help you secure a lease that meets your unique business needs. A leading financier for agricultural, forestry and heavy construction equipment, Taycor offers a commitment to personal service, quick turnaround time and competitive rates. They are your ideal partner for your dump truck and other heavy equipment financing needs.

Realize the greater productivity and bottom line benefits resulting from financing a new or used dump truck with Taycor Financial. Contact us today to learn more!