Taycor Financial Welcomes Its New International Interns

Last August, Taycor Financial proudly announced its partnership with the German American Chamber of Commerce California (GACC CA) a public charity organization. Over the course of summer 2012, Taycor Financial offered its first international internship program through the GACC CA, which in turn was a rewarding experience for all. The company is excited to start the program again in the upcoming months. International student arrivals began early last week and will continue in the upcoming weeks.

“The welcome at Taycor was very nice. All of the colleagues are very friendly and supportive which has made my transition into a new country much easier than expected. After only a few days, I already feel as though I’ve learned so much. I’m excited to for this next year and to see how Taycor can continue to help me grow” said Janine Bock, an international student from Germany.

Due to the program’s success last year, Taycor Financial has extended its program from only summer internship to a full year or more depending on how long each individual wishes to stay and take advantage of their learning opportunities. Taycor Financial has also partnered with other multiple international agencies similar to the GACC CA.

The GACC CA partners with a broad array of companies to focus on two primary programs, the business program and career program. These programs allow international undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to travel abroad and gain valuable business experience.

Taycor Financial is proud to take its part in contributing to the growth, knowledge, and development of the next business generations. Not only do these types of partnerships allow for an increase in access to a wider variety of talent, marketing, and business services, but they also tighten the gap between unlike companies and distant countries. It helps break down international borders and broaden horizons for both the employer and employees. Taycor Financial remains excited for its interns and its future opportunities within its partnerships.

About Taycor Financial

Since founded in 1997 by President Bob Skibinski, Taycor Financial has arisen to a premier equipment leasing and financing company in the country. Over the years, the company has grown and renovated itself to success by proactively seeking out new approaches in value added partnership with equipment vendors in a broad array of industries including medical, printing, manufacturing, packaging, and industrial.

Taycor Financial Looks at the Glass Half-Full This Month

This week the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA) and its non-profit affiliate, the Equipment Leasing and Financing Foundation released their results from surveys taken for the month of March.

ELFA reports economic activity including New Business Volume, Aging of Receivables, Net Investment at Risk, Average Losses, Credit Approval Ratios, and Total Number of Employees from 25 financial services and manufacturing companies, representing a cross section of the $725 billion equipment finance sector.

This past March, companies signed up for $6.8 billion in new loans, leases and lines of credit which is a 45 percent increase from February, however new business volume was flat compared to March 2012.

“The continued low interest rate environment promoted by the Federal Reserve together with relatively benign fundamentals in the broader economy bode well for businesses planning to expand and grow in the coming months and invest in capital equipment,” said William Sutton, ELFA Chief Executive.

While credit approvals increased 1 percent from February totaling to 78.4 percent, only 50 percent of participating organizations reported submitting more transactions for approval last month compared to the 53 percent in February. With the slight changes in the past few months, the April confidence index fell to 54 percent from the 58% last month reflecting industry participants’ concerns over the economy and the impact of federal policies on capital expenditure.

While some participants lose confidence, Taycor Financial remains optimistic for the upcoming months. With the passing of tax season the company understands the minor lull in business volume, however Taycor’s partnership with www.equipmentleasing.org and its member network raise high hopes for generating new business.

The combination of the strong development of Taycor’s Customer Finance Center and the continued low interest rates resulting in greater numbers of credit approvals brings a steady confidence in the equipment leasing and finance industry. While the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s index reflects Taycor’s recent business volume, the company remains optimistic for April and the months to follow.

About Taycor Financial

Founded in 1997, with offices in Los Angeles CA and Boston MA, Taycor Financial has joined the ranks of America’s top businesses, establishing itself as one of the premier equipment financing companies in the U.S. Taycor is also one of the most rapidly growing; having made the “Inc. 500” list of America’s fastest growing private companies. For more information on equipment leasing or financing, to get an Instant Quote, or explore career opportunities visit www.Taycor.com or call (800) 322-9738.