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Merchant Cash Advance Division

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Merchant Cash Advance Program

Leverage your commercial credit card receivables to get a fast flexible merchant cash advance. Taycor's merchant cash advance program allows business owners to quickly receive a lump sum of cash for any business need. The advance is paid back incrementally, as a percentage of your future credit card sales. Best of all, these advances are not considered a loan or a debt obligation.

Get an approval up to $150,0000 in as quick as 2 hours based on your credit card processing volume, not your business or personal credit.

Merchant Cash Advance Program

How it Works

Taycor gives you up front cash in exchange for a fixed dollar amount of your future credit card sales. At the end of every business day, our automated system retrieves a low fixed percentage from your merchant account until your advance is paid off.

How to Apply

Get an approval in as quick as 2 hours, and get your cash within 10 days. Complete a simple merchant cash advance application and prepare for review the last 4 months (most recent) merchant bank statements. Once approved, documents will be sent over-night, hand-delivered, or emailed to you – so you can get the cash you need right away.

Merchant Cash Advance

One of the advantages of our merchant cash advance program is that the amount you pay back every month varies with your cash flow. Your payments will increase and decrease based on incoming payments, so you pay less in slower months.

With Taycor's merchant cash advance, there is no due date and there is no fixed payment. You pay back with a small percentage of your daily credit card transactions, so you have more flexibility than you would with a loan. We don't get paid until you get paid, it's that simple.

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