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Commercial Equipment Leasing Programs

Equipment Leasing Programs

Taycor Financial offers a wide array of commercial equipment leasing and financing programs. Compare the features and benefits on our most popular programs here.

Contact one of our leasing professionals to get help finding the right commercial leasing or financing program.

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Important Information

  1. To qualify for Taycor Financial's standard commercial equipment leasing and financing programs, customers must be credit approved with a minimum time in business of 2 years.
  2. The $1 purchase option is a fixed monthly payment lease with a higher monthly payment option comparative to the other equipment lease programs. This option is for those who feel that their equipment will retain its value. At the end of the lease term the bill of sale and ownership of the equipment will be transferred to the Lessor for $1 or $101 in states where a nominal purchase option is not allowed.
  3. The 10% purchase option (or put) allows the Lessor to merge the benefits of a fixed end of term residual option with a lower monthly payment. This program offers the flexibility of either returning the equipment or purchasing it at the end of lease with a predetermined purchase option.
  4. Fair Market Value (FMV) structure (also known as true lease or operating lease) offers the lowest monthly payment. Depending on your company structure and tax status often 100% of your monthly payments are tax deductable. At the end of the term the Lessee has the option to upgrade and return the old equipment to Taycor Financial, extend the lease for a fixed period, or purchase the equipment at the then fair market value.
  5. Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) or loan structure is a traditional loan product with a fixed monthly payment and term. The key difference between a lease and a loan structure is in the ownership of the equipment during the term of payments. With an EFA structure you enjoy the benefits of ownership, but sacrifice some of the tax advantages of a properly structured lease program.
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