Latest Beige Book Report Sparks Optimism

Regardless of the current stance of the economy, business people remain optimistic about the future. Consumers have defied the expectations of decreased spending and continue to make big purchases including cars, houses, and services. The Federal Reserve’s new Beige Book summary reflects conditions across the country and reported “modest to moderate” improvement since the last report in July.

The Beige Book is a report that is published about eight times per year. Each Federal Reserve Bank gathers information on current economic conditions through reports from banks, branches, business contacts, economists, market experts, and other related sources. The Beige Book summarizes all this information and an overall report is of the twelve districts is prepared. It evaluates consumerism in all areas including retail, tourism, manufacturing, real estate, construction, banking and financing, agriculture, technology services, transportations, and so on.

Here is what can be summarized from the latest Beige Book release on September 4, 2013.

  • Consumer spending rose significantly with strong demand for automobiles and other household goods.
  • Tourism and travel remained strong in most districts, however some noted challenges from bad weather.
  • Manufacturing activity expanded in most Districts, with many reporting increases in new orders, shipments, or production.
  • Residential real estate activity continued to strengthen at a moderate pace in most districts.
  • Lending activity was mixed. In most districts, credit quality improved while credit standards remained unchanged.
  • Agricultural conditions varied with weather patterns across the country. Some districts suffered from agricultural conditions deteriorating due to droughts.
  • Labor market conditions improved slightly, although several districts reported restrained hiring.

Although the report covers countless industries, this article focuses primarily on the reports in banking and finance.

In the banking and finance industries, it was most recently reported that loan demand plateaued or slightly decreased across all districts. On a positive note, while lending standards were largely unchanged, credit quality improved significantly. Asset quality also improved at banks in most locations and most lenders reported high competition for qualified borrowers. With consumer spending continuing at a steady pace, businesses keep high hopes for the future and expect loan demand to increase more rapidly. Although lending activity slightly weekend in the past couple months, businesses expect better economic conditions and stronger profit growth to come.

With the release of the Beige Book, Taycor Financial reflected on its recent experiences and compared expectations to those in the report. Overall, the results were similar, however the company keeps high hopes for the future. Taycor Financial has seen increased competition, as well as more flexible borrowing standards and higher approval rates in the recent months. More borrowing was taking place at the start of 2013 compared to what has been seen in previous years. Taycor Financial, like other finance companies, remain optimistic for the upcoming final quarter.

About Taycor Financial

Taycor Financial was first founded in 1997 by President and Founder, Robert Skibinski. Since its opening, the company has grown into a top competing firm in the equipment financing and leasing industry. Taycor Financial serves a wide array of small and medium-sized businesses in all industries across the nation. Over the years, Taycor Financial has refined its process, programs, and services to reach the ultimate goal of exceptional customer satisfaction.